What is a pts card

The PTS Card, or Personal Track Safety Card, enables individuals to legally work on or nearby Network Rail train tracks. The card is issued by Network Rail's chosen identity card scheme called Sentinel and is valid for 5 years. Having the PTS Card enures that you and those working alongside you have completed the necessary safety training, are medically fit and have passed a drugs and alcohol test. With the PTS Card, you can work as a Rail Track Maintenance Worker, where you inspect and maintain Network Rail infrastructure.

PTS Primary Objectives

At the end of the training the delegate will be able to:

Demonstrate their ability to interpret correctly the Rule Book GE/RT 8000 Series or Guide to Personal Track Safety or PTS Key Point Card NR9922 and relevant local instructions when required to go on or near the line.
Demonstrate their understanding and ability to follow a Safe System of Work.

Do I need a PTS Card?

To legally wok on or near Network Rail train tracks in the United Kingdom, you will need to have a Personal Track Safety. Your valid PTS Card will need to be presented to the Controller of Site Safety (COSS) to gain access.

Introduction and workbook Exercise
Personal Responsibility
Emergency Situations
Communicating Clearly and Emergency Phone Calls
Knowledge Assessment
Completion of Post Course Training Objectives
DCCR Primary Objectives

Describe the principles of the DC Electrified system.
Identify the main components of the DC conductor rail system.
Identify hazards and risks associated with being near or adjacent to the DC conductor rail.
Describe how to cross the DC conductor rail safely.
Describe more info how to transit tools and equipment safely across the DC conductor rail.
Describe defects that would render insulated tools and equipment unfit for purpose.
Identify hazards associated with working within DC isolations.
Describe the work safe and emergency response procedures
Identify the three risk control areas as stated in NR/L3/MTC/0152.
Explain how to safely transit tools, materials and equipment within the DC electrified area.

Workbook exercise
Knowledge review and Assessment.

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